Museum of the Unseen

The smartest museum in the world.

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As the world’s smartest building, the Watson headquarters in Munich is the jewel in IBM’s Internet of Things (IoT) crown.

But while immensely powerful, this integrated intelligence can seem invisible to the visitor. Looking at the building, you might not even know it’s there. So how can we shed light on the extraordinary technology hidden inside?


A smart museum, alive with IoT.

In the heart of the HQ, an immersive journey reveals the hidden forces of IBM’s expertise. The space bursts to life as visitors enter, animating a model of the building with hard-wired sensor information. Real-time data visualisations depict an intelligent facility that reacts to its occupants, learning people’s preferences, predicting behaviour and even managing its own maintenance. All powered by IBM’s world-leading Watson AI.

Guests are enticed to explore a display case of smart exhibits that connect with the museum environment. Each object activates a dynamic video, showing how IBM’s IoT is transforming client operations across the globe and in unexpected ways. When an object is placed on a nearby table, the surface morphs into a 3D portal, inviting visitors to discover the depth of these successes.

IBM Museum of the Unseen video image


Every day, hundreds of industry leaders learn the principles, power and potential of this invisible revolution.

Seeing with their own eyes the beauty of IBM’s IoT, these executives of world-famous brands become new business partners, inspired to engage the technology to enhance their own organisations.

The museum concept extends to other experience centres internationally, becoming the centrepiece of IBM’s smart-building exposition. Innovating itself autonomously, it meanwhile adapts to visitor behaviour, proposing enhancements to everyone's journey of discovery.