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Football training for the brain.



In elite football, fine margins separate the good from the truly great.

Modern training is both advanced and holistic resulting in precious little differences between the physical, tactical and technical attributes of players.

However, one great differentiator remains – the mind. That’s why the world’s best train their brains.


Nike Football Pro Genius is a revolution in football training: a series of tools and techniques designed to help young footballers with the mental side of their game.

It features five training tools: Counter Attack, Priming, Cross Anticipation, Visualisation and Self-Talk – all exclusive to the Nike Football App as a mixture of interactive mobile games, audio tools and inspirational video content.

The tools were developed with the world’s best footballers and renowned sports performance psychology and mind training experts.



Nike Football Pro Genius exposes young footballers to the importance of mental preparation in relation to performance – and gives them the tools and insights that can help them improve.

The service marks Nike’s first foray into the increasingly important area of mind training, making the mental practices pro players build into their training regimes and match preparation available to all.

2.6 million Nike Football App users gained instant access on release day. The launch plan leveraged the power of Nike athletes with the combined social media reach surpassing 500 million.




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