Ramadan is coming

Celebrating the togetherness of Ramadan.

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Bringing people together during Ramadan through a Coca-Cola icon.

The Coca-Cola Caravan has long been synonymous with other holiday seasons for over 30 years, delivering moments of Real Magic to millions around the world. Ramadan is a period of solidarity, self-reflection, and shared experiences through the ritual of fasting, and the Coca-Cola red trucks have once again become vessels of togetherness to deliver an unprecedented Iftar moment, through the ritual of breaking fast together.

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Together as one.

Together with Coca-Cola, AKQA crafted a captivating narrative that saw the magic of Ramadan brought to life through a fictional city and the arrival of a caravan of Coca-Cola’s iconic red trucks. Serving as a unifying focal point of unity and inclusivity, these trucks spark anticipation and excitement for the town’s residents, bringing together a charming cast of characters from diverse backgrounds. Culminating in a communal Iftar celebration, the film encapsulates Ramadan through a vibrant tapestry of human moments and shared joy.

Animation style

Giving cutting-edge animation techniques a human touch.

This story was brought to life through a stunning 2.5D animation technique. From the creation of over 30 unique characters infused with a bold Ramadan-themed colour palette, to breath-taking backdrops that captured the magical essence of sundown during the holy month. Each scene was formed to feel handmade.

Sonic celebration

A new theme tune for a new generation.

Complementing the visual celebration, a fresh rendition of Coca-Cola’s classic Holidays are Coming anthemic soundtrack set the tone for the film and underscored its themes of unity. Reimagined with new lyrics and instrumentation, the track was recorded by a diverse group of musicians at Angel Studios in London, reflecting the sense of togetherness that lies at the heart of the film.

The AKQA team’s power lies in their humanity.
You can simply see it come to life in the work.

Mostafa Talaat,
Director, Consumer and Shopper Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola