Heat happens.

Tapping into music to help Gen Zers stay cool.


When stuck in a moment of intense heat, you can always sing to cool down.

Generation Z often experience higher levels of stress and struggle to express true feelings in the offline world.

Also recognised for having a unique sense of humour, Gen Zers rely on music to express themselves. On TikTok, for common struggles faced by youth, there is usually a witty song about it.

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Putting into lyrics what is hidden in the hearts of Generation Z.

Sprite listened to Generation Z and mapped out some of the most feared situations in their social lives and wrote songs about it.

Six humorous films were created, featuring awkward moments, different music styles and lyrics written on Sprite cans.

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80s rock, post-punk, pop salsa, eurodance and bossa nova are some of the music styles that inspired these soundtracks, matching Generation Z’s trend to dive into musical nostalgia.

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The awkward moments spotlighted in the six films came from extensive research, including listening to the target audience and identifying the most common social moments they struggle to deal with.

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Since Generation Z tend to be skeptical about traditional advertising, Sprite isn’t presented as a solution. It is instead presented as a tool, inviting audiences to embrace the fact that heat happens and always will, but cool heads prevail.

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Empowering Generation Z to express themselves.

This movement has sparked conversations in many countries, particularly in Latin America, helping people keep everything under control in the face of social awkwardness. All featured songs were dropped on TikTok, which creators have been using to share their personal experiences of overcoming daily tensions to millions of followers.