A Stage for Everything

A new bold viewpoint for music festivals.


TikTok and The Town have a lot in common.

One of Brazil’s newest and most anticipated festivals of the year, The Town. Perfect for enjoying the best of music, food, art, fashion and more. TikTok is no different.


Icons and textures to represent everything you find on TikTok and The Town.

The key visual features various 3D elements representing the variety of content found at both the festival and on the social platform. Inflatable, plush, metal and glass textures represent each aspect, reflected in the social assets and TikTok booth at the festival.

An elevated angle.

On the eve of The Town, TikTok made an unconventional launch: a line of sneakers. To address the issue of mobile phones obstructing the view of the stage at music festivals, TikTok created the Platform Shoes. Inspired by Generation Z, the three models feature 15-centimetre soles.

They function as true stages for the audience, offering a new perspective to enjoy the shows and create TikTok videos. To co-create the Platform Shoes, AKQA collaborated with Pace, a leading name in fashion.


A kick-start for a record-breaking festival.

Over 500,000 people were reached by TikTok’s campaign at The Town. The Platform Shoes went viral on social media and generated numerous articles in media outlets.

Category and Creator Marketing Lead TikTok Latin America Gabriel Simas commented that the project reflects TikTok’s “plurality of content and its diversity of users”. Creative Director AKQA Felipe Petroni added that “the sneakers are a materialisation of the TikTok phenomenon, an offline stage”.