Pomodoro Obsessed

Only the best pomodoro.

1 Mutti Hero Interview


Italians know it: Mutti is the pomodoro specialist.

With more than 120 years of experience, Mutti uses 100 per cent Italian tomatoes that are cultivated by farmers that the company not only know personally but also pay fairly and celebrate with the yearly Pomodorino d’Oro (Golden Tomato) award, the first tomato-based award in the world. Such boundless passion and uncompromising quality are hard to explain with words – sometimes, it’s better to use a smile and hint of mystery.

2 Mutti Hero Cup


It’s not easy to become a pomodoro.

Mutti’s latest creative illustrates a key moment of the company’s production process: the selection of raw materials. “We’ll let you know” is the response of the recruiter when a tomato applies for the coveted role of pomodoro but fails to meet Mutti’s high standards.


Pomodoro takes over the world.

Distributed in six countries – Italy, USA, Russia, France, Romania and Canada – to demonstrate Mutti’s growing international appeal, Pomodoro Obsessed is Mutti’s first global digital communication, translated in each language for every touchpoint. What remains untouched is the word pomodoro, providing a taste of authenticity.