Wild Turkey

Wonder What If

Let imagination be your compass.

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Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey uses the power of curiosity, to deliver bourbon with Kentucky soul and Texas heart.

Co-creator McConaughey said: “We asked ourselves what if we put a Texas spin on Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and that curiosity led to the birth of Longbranch. Our curiosities allow us to turn our ‘what ifs’ into ‘that’s it’.”

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Take inspiration from the creation of Longbranch, to ignite exploration.

A series of self-directed short films, see McConaughey sitting in a field with a mind free to wonder, questioning what is and what can be. Art direction and content capture are reimagined, using minimal equipment in a remote location and virtual editing.

Innovative cocktail recipes and a dictionary made of up phrases only Matthew McConaughey could explain creates intrigue. The journey of wonder has begun.

This campaign, like Longbranch, is grounded in its roots and dares us to discover what happens when we move beyond curiosity, into action.

Julka Villa, Global Managing Director of the Campari Group
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A most curious bourbon for the world.

‘Wonder What If’, the first global communication for Longbranch, receives millions of organic views in the first 24 hours, exciting the fanbase of both bourbon and McConaughey.

Keep wondering.