Grey Goose

The Sipping Room

Bringing home the expertise of the master mixologist.



The boom in smart speaker sales and the ever-growing voice and AI market gave Grey Goose the perfect opportunity to build a closer relationship with its audience and have a greater presence in people’s homes.

Increasing numbers of people are swapping going to the pub for entertaining at home. But making the perfect vodka cocktail is no easy task.


The Sipping Room is an Alexa Skill which brings the expertise of the master mixologist into the home. Ask The Sipping Room to “make me something with lime” or “make me the perfect Espresso Martini” on an Alexa-enabled device and it will draw on all of Grey Goose’s experience to make the perfect vodka cocktail.

A step-by-step guide, Alexa tells users to “Add some ice cold Grey Goose Vodka to the most substantial wine glass you own”, and introduces recipes such as “The Bloody Mary. A saucy tomato classic, the perfect date for brunch or dinner”.

The Sipping Room is supported by a complex but intuitive back-end cocktail matrix incorporating hundreds of flavours and ingredients. Like all the best bartenders, it serves its cocktail tutorials with a side order of wit and charm, courtesy of Alexa.


The Sipping Room teaches users how to make their favourite cocktail as well as introducing them to an array of recipes they had not tried before.

It launched with the ambition of growing to include more spirits – such as gin and whiskey – with an even wider variety of cocktails on offer, keeping users coming back for more.