Martell La French Touch

A bird’s eye view – from the city of Cognac to Shanghai.

Martell La French Touch


For their 300th anniversary, Martell wanted to unveil a new La French Touch limited edition that showcases L'Art de Vivre in a contemporary way.

Martell La French Touch


Bring people on an unexpected journey by creating unique packaging that transforms into an interactive 360° mobile experience.

The user guides the Martell Swift by moving their phone in any direction to fly through the skies from its origins in Cognac to the streets of Shanghai where the limited edition La French Touch first launched.

Martell La French Touch


With its transformer pack, La French Touch brought Virtual Reality to Martell's wider audience.

Pushing the boundaries of the mobile web, the experience seized the media’s attention – including The Drum, Shots, Marketing UK and Adobo Magazine Asia.

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