Jägermeister: Be The Meister

The first digital expression of a new creative direction.

Jägermeister Be The Meister


Jägermeister is enjoyed worldwide, a drink synonymous with shots and celebration. But few know that this intense herbal liqueur is macerated from 56 secret herbs, then aged for more than a year in oak barrels in Wolfenbuttel, Germany.

Their target audience of millennials are drinking less, but choosing more storied, premium drinks. Jägermeister wanted to create a digital experience that celebrates its heritage and the craft that goes into every bottle.

Jägermeister Be The Meister


Jagermeister.com challenges people to master the rules like a pro, so that they can break them like an artist. The site taps into this irreverent spirit, unlocking both the mystery and uncompromising quality of one of the world’s most popular shot drinks.

Bauhaus-inspired typography; a rich green, amber and gold palette; and dynamic footage all express the energy of the legendary herbal liqueur – and celebrate the tension between German precision and the daring nightlife that Jägermeister inspires.


Jägermeister.com plays a vital role in bringing consumers deeper into the brand’s ecosystem with rich content about drink recipes, product provenance, history, and more.

Head of Global Digital Marketing Felix Jahnen declared: “With our new site, we use our past to take Jägermeister into the future. Our new visual identity is a celebration of our German heritage and brings the Jägermeister story to a new generation of trendsetters and rule-breakers.”