Jamie Oliver Skill

Rediscover recipes through conversation.

Jamie Oliver Amazon Alexa Skill


Good food is losing out. Indecision, coupled with lack of time and skill, is leading people to make unhealthy choices when it comes to food.

Tapping into Jamie Oliver’s extensive knowledge, there is an opportunity to empower people to make great meal choices that fit around their hectic lifestyles.

Jamie Oliver Amazon Alexa Skill
Jamie Oliver Amazon Alexa Skill
Jamie Oliver Amazon Alexa Skill


Powered by AI. The Jamie Oliver Skill offers the first voice-activated recipe service for the Amazon Echo. Using Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, the utility provides hands-free inspiration to over 160 recipes.

Engaging with the Jamie Oliver Skill is easy, quick and concise. Prioritising usefulness, the Skill offers clear user flows and front-loaded recipe information, removing the need for a lengthy conversation.

Jamie Oliver Amazon Alexa Skill


Best in class. The Jamie Oliver Skill was a successful launch partner for Amazon Echo in the UK, and an essential first step towards making decisions around food more intuitive and adaptable to everyone.

Alexa is an exciting evolution in our approach to food discovery, and a useful application of AI to solve an everyday problem.

You will now have hands-free access to Jamie Oliver’s recipes

Jamie Oliver and AKQA launch one of the first Amazon Alexa Skills in the UK