Echo Escape

Only your voice will set you free.



Millennials are the biggest embracers of technology, yet they often overlook the thousands of capabilities that come with voice-first interfaces.

Amazon wanted to expose Alexa to this advertising-resistant audience by creating an immersive experience that required an active exploration of its wide range of skills.



Lock the internet into a room with only Amazon Echo to help them escape.

As the top attraction at New York Comic Con, Amazon Echo Escape gamified the smart home by creating the world’s first escape experience powered by voice. Set in the world of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, players fully exploited Alexa’s capabilities to gain intel, crack codes, control smart-home devices, interact with live actors and ultimately set themselves free.

The experience culminated in a Twitch broadcast featuring top gaming personalities CaptainSparklez, Swiftor and OMGitsfirefoxx. Each tested their wits live while over 1 million online participants intervened – choosing either to help or hinder their progress.



Amazon Echo Escape commanded attention during a live cultural moment by blending story, product and experience seamlessly – turning participants into willing evangelists.

During four days at New York Comic Con, hundreds of attendees used Alexa to escape, while 5,000+ queued for a chance to play, with reservations claimed within the first hour of opening.

The Twitch livestream event amassed over 1.5 million online participants during the 3-hour broadcast, with over 43,000 gameplay comments and engagements.