LION Sense Your Aroma

A scent as personal as your signature.

LION Sense Your Aroma
LION Sense Your Aroma
LION Sense Your Aroma


People love wearing their clothes when they’ve been washed with LION Soflan Aroma Rich, a fabric conditioner that uses carefully selected aromatic blends to infuse a deep, rich fragrance all day long.

But how to generate the same sense of affection that people have for their clothes with the fabric conditioner that makes them feel so soft?

By creating a truly bespoke, sensuous experience for people to take home and cherish, just like their favourite item of clothing.


The Sense Your Aroma experience at the So-Cal Link Gallery in Tokyo allowed people to do just that.

Visitors were given a full computer body analysis, including the colour scheme of their clothing, with the information used to create a unique design on a traditional Japanese folding fan.

An algorithm-generated signature aroma was then infused into the fan, a tailor made scent that, like LION Soflan Aroma Rich, refreshes all day long.


A first-of-its-kind sensory experience, visitors had a lasting memento based on genuine personalisation that they could smell, see and feel.

A four-day installation, the Sense Your Aroma gallery was over-subscribed from beginning to end. Long queues formed outside and the Sense Your Aroma website garnered record traffic and engagement