Destiny 2 Ghost Skill

Bringing video games into the smart home.



Video games are becoming more expansive.

Second-screen experiences such as apps, browser extensions and message boards have helped gamers to navigate increasingly deep and complex worlds. But they also distract from the game.

A true gaming companion should allow you to focus on the game, while still helping you to explore these vast universes.



Ghost, the in-game companion to Destiny, comes to life in your own home as an Alexa skill and limited edition physical product.

Voiced by the in-game actor, the skill could change what’s happening in the game in real time as you manage your weapons and armour, send friends a message to come online, generate millions of possible variations for what to do next based on your previous gameplay, and give you more info about the vast world of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Thumbnail


The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill for Amazon Alexa is the most immersive gaming companion ever made, putting gaming at the centre of the smart home.

The Ghost Skill helped fans build a personal connection to their favourite game by creating a constant presence in their home, while simplifying their game experience. It also expanded the possibilities of Amazon Echo – connecting voice-activated commands seamlessly with the billion-dollar gaming industry.