In Pursuit of Better

Bringing brewing expertise to all.

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“We brew for better beer and a better tomorrow.”

This was JC Jacobsen’s founding ethos for the Carlsberg brewery in 1847, and it underpins the brewer’s success to this day. Across two centuries, this aspiration has infused many revolutionary firsts for Carlsberg and its Research Laboratory, from the development of the pH scale to the plastic-eliminating Snap Pack, and even the historic invention of purified yeast – later leading to artificial insulin.

These betterments form the cornerstones of the brewery’s existence. And in every instance, Carlsberg has shared them with the world in the quest for better beer and a better future for all.

Idea becomes a betterment in itself.

Through bespoke Google Snippets, Carlsberg answers the top 100 beer queries in every country. Going from search to discovery, relevant insights from the brewer’s history entice visitors to the new online platform. A modular system then presents these stories across all devices and regions, crystallising Carlsberg’s quest to better our world.

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The transformed tops the 2019 CSS Design Awards with a triple win, and is a 2019 Lovie Awards medallist.

Six times faster than the competition, the platform defines a new performance benchmark for the industry, while the brewer’s ambition and integrity are clear: always pursuing better by design, by nature and by example.

And not just better beer. But a better tomorrow for us all.