Work Better

Give change a chance.


“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

It’s a universal truth that people work best when they can do so in their own preferred ways — empowered by technology. When it comes to work performance, many of us would rather stick with what we know than risk something new.

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‘Work better’ introduces a signature anti-hero. Meet Markus.

Markus knows what works for him – functional, reliable, familiar. When his outdated technology poses obstacles, he has workarounds. But why workaround when you can work better?

With Markus as the anti-hero, the limitations of competing technology is contrasted with the unlimited potential of HP. Through a humorous film, Markus resists change and clings to his old ways, until he finally realises he can work better with HP.

In a year filled with change due to Covid-19, Markus’ journey acts as a metaphor for life; stay curious and open-minded, especially in the face of uncertainty.

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‘Work better’ makes history as the first HP communication, globally, to receive a System 1 evaluation 5-star rating directly from the public, a coveted score that only 1% reach.

TV, social, print and OOH, shares the ‘Work better’ message, helping to propel people and businesses in Germany into the future of work.

The work is HP’s first end-to-end, localised communication in Germany. It demonstrates how taking a global strategy and putting it through the lens of the culture of the audience you want to connect with is the foundation for true impact.

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