Smart Spaces

Intelligent workplace transformation.



While work spaces are becoming more digital, sustainable and open, they don’t necessarily deliver a better employee experience.

How could Siemens Building Technologies evolve beyond B2B building management to deliver more comfort and wellbeing in the workplace?



A digital personal assistant that learns your preferences for temperature, lighting and seating as you move around the office.

Through a series of acquisitions, Siemens is developing the building of the future. By collaborating with leading workplace start-up, Comfy, the vision of turning existing infrastructures into smart systems, is realised.

Technologists, designers and strategists are working in partnership to craft Internet of Things (IoT) enabled systems that tap into buildings’ existing sensors.


Siemens is now a leading Smart Office solutions provider, and is rated the #1 IoT Platform for Smart Buildings by Verdantix.

Acquiring Comfy and partnering with software companies Salesforce and SAP has resulted in a 500% growth in the user base. Employees are empowered with control of a growing intuitive workplace experience.