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Sounds Right

NATURE. Now officially an artist.


Nature, the mother of all sounds, has never been paid back for her contribution to music. Yet, she desperately needs funding to save her most precarious ecosystems.

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Museum for the United Nations - UN Live presents Sounds Right: A music initiative to recognise NATURE as the artist she truly is.

With sounds from ecosystems and global artists featuring and crediting NATURE in their work on streaming platforms, each track automatically generates royalties for nature’s conservation.

As a founding partner of the initiative, AKQA helped grow the concept, craft the storytelling, design the visual identity and develop the global launch campaign.

It’s not every day a rock becomes a star.

Leading up to the launch, officially announcing NATURE as an artist, Sounds Right worked with artists to tease their new collaboration with the greatest artist of all time, creating anticipation amongst their fans.

NATURE stepped up for the global release with a campaign that spanned the globe. From New York to Miami, London to Colombia, and Indonesia, the world was abuzz with NATURE’s music. Spotify in-app promotions reached millions of music fans, while artists and Sounds Right partners joined in to promote their collaboration with NATURE, engaging their audiences in a global musical celebration.

The creative campaign was designed and narrated to spotlight NATURE, the artist, and draw attention to the global artist collaborations going live with a Feat. NATURE playlist on all major streaming platforms.

Sounds Right is a groundbreaking music movement. It unites people worldwide in a shared commitment, recognising the intrinsic value of nature. Together, we must act now to protect our planet for our common future.

Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at United Nations

A new platform for a fine-tuned ecosystem.

Sounds Right launches with a bespoke web experience: a platform designed to showcase the initiative to the world, serve as a hub connecting artists and organisations with NATURE and unfold the funding mechanism behind Sounds Right.

Through compelling storytelling and UX, NATURE is introduced as an artist, inspiring new creative endeavours and partnerships.

Designed with a vibrant and dynamic identity, featuring small animations, unexpected interactions, and a lively visual language, the website invites visitors to explore and engage with its captivating content.

She’s got the look.

A visual identity for Sounds Right and NATURE the artist.


A world-first music initiative.

For the first time, NATURE is officially recognised and credited as an artist on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Beyond the campaign, this is an evergreen initiative designed to continue funding conservation around the globe. By continuously working with artists to feature and credit NATURE in their music, every music lover can help fund nature conservation by simply listening to music.

AKQA has been a critical partner for the development and launch of Sounds Right, from developing the name to refining the concept to creating the amazing visual identity, brand material, and global launch campaign. We look forward to continuing the journey with AKQA on Sounds Right.

Emil Rostgaard Schelde, Chief Strategy and Programme Officer Museum for the United Nations - UN Live