Coke Studio

The sound of refreshment

Creating a portal into a world of music.

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At a time when shared moments are more important than ever, music provides the soundtrack to connections.

The Coca-Cola Company sought to bring Generation Z together through shared musical experiences. It was time to make Coke Studio, already a success in Asian markets like India, a leading presence in North America.


When people can’t make it to the music festival, a little magic brings the festival to them.

Coca-Cola’s goal: unlock the magic of music, bringing genre-less, mood-powered and interconnected musical moments to audiences, aimed at Generation Z but inclusive to all. To bring this vision to life, AKQA collaborated to develop a platform and rebrand Coke Studio. The project democratises music by connecting listeners to festivals and experiences that otherwise would have been out of reach due to price or location.

Through QR codes and digital downloads, Coke point-of-sale, packaging and social media becomes an exclusive pass to events, prizes and exclusive content. Visitors have daily chances to win by scanning a QR code and immediately learning whether they’ve won a prize, ranging from Coke and artist merchandise to top-tier VIP passes to concerts and festivals.

coke studio-hero film

Visitors get invited into the Coke Studio experience, where they access exclusive content like new music, behind-the-scenes takes at festivals, and up-close interviews with artists like Halsey, Khalid, The Kid LAROI and BIA, offering enticing glimpses into the creative process.

To bring this dynamic experience to life, AKQA went deep into the passions and personas of Generation Z to understand their motivations and journeys related to music, informing the dynamic design system and content strategy. AKQA also worked with existing Coke sponsors and agency partners to create a cohesive strategy.

As part of the rebrand, aesthetics were established, creating a digital design system spanning across all touchpoints for Coke Studio. To evoke the feeling of summer, the classic red evolved into a variety of sun-saturated hues, inspiring a unique colour palette while staying true to the beloved Coke brand. Additional layers of visual texture reinforce the energy and pulse of the music.


Connecting with a new generation.

During the 14-week campaign, almost 4 million people visited the site, totalling more than 6 million page views of dedicated Coke Studio content. Visitors also showed strong engagement, spending twice the amount of time on the site versus Coke’s historical averages.

47% of new Coke Studio accounts were Gen Z
51% YoY increase over 2021 Summer programme
1.2M Coke Studio QR codes scanned
3.3% conversion rate (vs historical average 2.5%)

The beat goes on.

Though it launched in the summer, Coke Studio will extend beyond the season as a year-round experience.

As part of a global effort, Coke Studio will continue to offer engaging content that encourages repeat visits from a multicultural audience, building a deeper connection with the brand. From tentpole music festivals to smaller, intimate moments, Coke Studio is inviting everyone to an elevated fan experience that makes great music the soundtrack of their lives.

I love it! AKQA, you did great. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Philippe Le Phan, Digital Consumer Experience Manager, Coke Trademark, North America

Our AKQA team has done some of what I would call best-in-class collaboration. The bar is set very high.

Michael Hughes, Senior Manager End-to-End Connections and Media, Coke Trademark