Kinect Training

Nike+ Kinect Training redefines personal fitness at home, offering the same training techniques provided to elite Nike athletes.

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From revolutionary footwear to digital products and services, Nike has from day one empowered athletes to reach their full potential. Today, the best way to get fit and stay fit is with a personal trainer.

By combining Nike’s experience in athletic training with Xbox Kinect’s powerful full body sensor technology, we can now give everyone a motivating and effective personal trainer in their home for the first time.


Nike+ Kinect Training is the most personalised home training experience available, bringing fitness innovation to consumers everywhere.

Take an assessment, set your goal and receive a training program unique to you. Choose a personal trainer and get real-time feedback – while you train you’ll know what to do, at exactly the right time. When you’re looking for extra motivation, working out with friends keeps you on track and honest. For the first time in a fitness title, we brought friends together from across the globe to train in real time.



A personal trainer for every kind of athlete in the world. Nike+ Kinect Training has already been labelled ‘the best exercise game yet’ by Fast Company, while ESPN said it was ‘more immersive than any other fitness game’.

Nike+ Kinect Training became the best-selling Kinect title for the holiday season, redefining the home training experience and giving everyone the chance to reach their fitness potential.

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