Destination France

A companion beyond the road.

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From a useful app to your daily co-pilot.

With live alerts from other drivers, reroutings and planning tools, Waze, the navigation app, is a proficient daily co-pilot to avoid spending too much time on the road.

Despite being the seventh most used app in France, it is mostly put to use for longer trips. How does Waze reposition itself as a reflex for navigating known routes and short commutes?


The connecting power of social.

Visitors play an active role in enriching the Waze app with data, tips and helping each other on the road.

Waze brought that same friendly community spirit at its core to its social accounts. Positioned as your co-pilot, always having your back, understanding what you go through behind the wheel, the app has become part of people’s daily lives beyond driving. From advice to vacation-goers, making any road report a big deal, to celebrating map editors.

Waze used its road knowledge and turned it into a social campaign tailored to its visitors. Illustrated advice playing on French summer holidays’ insight reminds vacation-goers that turning on the app is the safest route to peaceful holidays, positioning itself as the expert of the road.

By generating reactions, sharing good deeds and funny stories from visitors and revealing features, such as a new GPS voice-over, Waze engaged with its community.


Reflecting its playful spirit, Waze created a fun environment.

By tapping into driving situations, local habits, culture, news and trends, Waze increased its engagement rate and repositioned itself as an everyday app.