Elemental Games

Something New Awaits

A different studio is taking shape.

ElementalGames Hero


As the gaming industry grew into a multi billion business, much of its indie soul was left behind.

So now a group of industry veterans are breaking free from the major publishers. Leaving off-the-shelf engines, financial goals and current norms behind, to once again build unseen worlds that they’re eager to explore.


A visual identity shaped by the elements.

Made to be as open as the worlds it will introduce. Pattern and texture were inspired by the ever-changing nature, and the study of topography helped form fluid and dynamic shapes. By selecting an elegant serif typeface and increasing its kerning, a cinematic look was born.

A first glimpse of Elemental Games, inviting every player with an explorative mind.

We haven’t set out to do what has already been done. We mean it when we say it: Something New Awaits.

Linus Blomberg, CEO and Founder


Already smoke, without lighting the fire.

The self-funded studio is still to reveal the initial details of the first game, yet expectations are growing in the community as the news spread around the globe.

Something New Awaits, and it has just started to take form.