The world is your new office

What the new normal of working remotely looks like.

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When you give change a chance, your horizons know no limits.

The last time we saw our HP anti-hero Markus, he was beginning to learn the power of taking a chance on a new way of working. This year, a thriving Markus takes us on a tour of the pandemic-altered working world. It’s clear that the new normal is not only here to stay, but it can be liberating too with the right tools at your fingertips.

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Meet Markus, the anti-hero turned avant-gardist.

Markus has now embraced the unlimited potential of HP to such an extent that he’s made remote working work for him.

We see him jet-setting with his HP Notebook on a speedboat, at a body-building gym, in a goat farm and even working from horseback – proving to his office-bound colleague that thanks to HP’s tech innovations, the new normal can mean working however and wherever we want. Symbolic of the learning curve the world has experienced this year, the lesson from Markus is that working better actually means living better.

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A new working culture.

Harnessing big picture global strategic thinking coupled with end-to-end, localised communication specific to Germany, ‘The world is the new office’ message has resonated with German businesses to help solidify a new working culture and become Adweek’s ad of the week.