IED - Istituto Europeo di Design


Simplifying the art of education.

Reboot - Hero


Since its foundation in 1966, IED has seen creativity as the means to help the world become a better place by challenging the status quo.

Working in a large Mediterranean-style laboratory that places the individual and their uniqueness in the centre of a transnational network, IED discovers people who can change the world through the power of ideas.


Inspired by design as a universal language for change.

AKQA reframed and developed a new strategy and creative direction relevant for IED’s broad global audience and to inspire 2000 employees.

The lab for co-disruption establishes a new positioning and builds a fresh visual approach and contemporary tone of voice.


Calling future talent.

Consistent, cooperative and engaging, IED’s new dynamic modular design system is suitable for all physical and digital touchpoints.

The refreshed IED is for everyone who wants to learn, explore and look beyond conventions.