Enphase Energy

Harnessing the sun

A solar-powered future.

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Solar energy is more than just panels.

Enphase has a revolutionary energy system that allows a house to run on solar no matter the situation – including the grid going down or a panel failing. It has never been more practical to convert to solar energy. However, the process to make this unique system work can easily get complicated.


Equal parts education and inspiration.

Breaking down the key components of the Enphase energy system, a film has been crafted to simplify the details. The app, microinverters, batteries and installation are placed into easy-to-understand segments that communicate the benefit through 2D and 3D motion graphics. Lifestyle vignettes come together to paint a complete picture of how and why Enphase is the right product to make, use, save, and sell energy.

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A gateway to an energy revolution.

The film serves as a marquee on the recently redesigned Enphase site, making it a critical juncture in the purchasing journey. It inspires and empowers viewers to adopt solar energy and work with one of Enphase’s certified installers to find the combination of products that is right for them.