Vote About It

Make your voice heard.



In the 2016 Presidential Election, only 46% of voters aged 18-29 showed up at the polls.

Young voters often feel as though their vote doesn’t matter and voting laws can be difficult to navigate.

In 2020, millennials make up an unprecedented majority of eligible voters. It’s never been more important to cut through the noise and mobilise young people to vote.


A simple core message: talking, thinking, posting, marching and dreaming about issues are vital. But to drive lasting change, we’ve got to vote about it.

Levi’s has partnered with Rock the Vote to help reduce voter suppression. Leveraging Levi’s’ online platforms and social footprint; teamed with Rock the Vote’s educational knowledge, people are reached and inspired to vote on the issues affecting their loved ones and community.

Communications drive audiences to levi.com/itsyourvote where state-specific information guides them on how to register and cast a vote in under two minutes. Customisable Levi’s clothing allows people to wear their words, motivating others to take action and advocating voting as one of the greatest ways to drive lasting change.

voteaboutit - video


Fueling a wave of young adults who are ready to vote about what matters to them.

Running all the way up to Election Day #VoteAboutIt provides critical information to help voters confirm their registration. Plus, learn how to vote by mail during the Covid-19 pandemic, and strategically counteract voter suppression.