An intimate portrait of the NBA’s Master of Deception.


Europe is a growing playfield for basketball.

Players are getting drafted into top spots in the NBA. While much of the sport’s storytelling revolves around American protagonists, a distinctly European NBA star is now among the ranks: Luka Dončić.

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The story of Luka Dončić.

Homecoming is a three-episode docuseries that chronicles Luka’s return to his hometown, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In each episode, the audience discovers an intimate portrait of a child who chased a dream and is now following the footsteps of his idols and changing the game. We follow Luka through Ljubljana, his old haunts and hometown courts, as he reflects on how growing up in Europe shaped him as a player and a person.

In Homecoming, Luka tells the story of his return in his own words, revealing unseen sides of his humble yet hilarious personality.

Every time I watch Homecoming, I love it all over again.

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Pioneering the way for a new generation of players.

The first chapter of the series has been met with praise from audiences worldwide, with basketball fans saying that they see the passion in Luka’s eyes and his speech and dubbed this Jordan’s finest piece of art.

The series has amassed 70,000 organic views on YouTube and over 440,400 likes on Instagram. The Luka 1, the first signature sneaker by Jordan for Luka Dončić which launched with the series, sold out in three weeks.