Reaching true balance

Helping the people of Thailand live well.


Living Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

AIA is a leading global life insurer and the largest publicly listed life insurance group in Asia Pacific with over a century of expertise. To help the people of Thailand lead Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, Aleph conceptualised and designed a health super app experience for AIA, allowing visitors to track their personal wellness while also being able to access AIA’s policies and services.


Built for the people of Thailand.

At the heart of the solution is a roadmap that empowers people to envision and realise their ideal future. By leveraging the power of habits, the AIA+ app helps bridge the gap between their current desired states, inspiring and motivating with every step they take.

The app also offers a new facial recognition feature powered by artificial intelligence that tracks body mass index, blood pressure, pulse and stress level.

Whether it’s related to fitness, mental health, or personal finance, all great futures begin with a single step taken today. The platform provides the tools and guidance needed to stay on course towards goals.

Personalised wellness.

Every visitor has different needs, motivations and expectations in regards to their wellness. The main drivers that would encourage behavioural changes became clear through product testing carried out via one-on-one in-depth interviews of insurance policy owners.

Wellness is multi-dimensional, with many variables contributing to one’s overall wellness. Swaying from the use of descriptive words to value one’s wellness, an overall score has been implemented towards objectivity including information on how scores are calculated.

A visualisation of overall wellness, with gaps and opportunities to improve, encourages to interaction and provides more data. Visitors are also empowered to create personalised goals and activities to improve their scores, raising the relevance and legitimacy of the AIA+ app.


Health and wellness at your fingertips.

Through concept design, research and testing, Aleph has innovated features not previously available on any other apps in Thailand, such as scanning vital signs, tracking health and assessing vitality to increase wellness and quality of life.

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