Make It Anyway

Empowering creative process.

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Few phenomena empower creativity as democratically as social media.

But like all freedoms, this dazzling democracy comes with a cost. Constant comparison breeds a sub-set of creators whose productions suffer the pressure of self-doubt. How do we help these tentative talents to break free; to fall in love with their own creativity?


They might love it. They might not. Make It Anyway.

A collage of influential young artists take us on a tour through the ever-evolving creative process, to portray the beauty of creating without purpose. Filmed across New York, London and Montreal, abstract symbolism and soundscapes blend with transparent observation to curate the documentary aesthetic.

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Through a 16mm window, these online heroes of the art world are seen to be just as insecure as the nascent creator in us all, in a much needed introspection for today’s creative youth.

Rejoicing in VSCO’s rejection of followers, likes and comments, the films inspire all makers to scrub out dependence on perfection and just enjoy the journey. Make It Anyway offers a refuge from reproval, garnering 80 million views and inspiring all creators to embrace the power of true artistic freedom.