Coke SoundZ

Uplifting the world through Coca-Cola’s sounds.



The distinctive sounds of Coke Zero Sugar have a profound effect on our psyche.

“Phsst. Fizz. Clink. Glug. Ahh.” Have you ever noticed how the sounds of a Coke can trigger a sense of satisfaction? This is no mere coincidence; it’s a deliberate leveraging of sound psychology. Now, harnessing the power of these sounds and the science behind them, Coca-Cola introduces a ground-breaking innovation.

Coke Soundz card


Coke SoundZ. The world’s first AI-powered instrument designed to play uplifting sounds.

To realise this visionary concept, Coca-Cola captured its signature sounds using state-of-the-art binaural microphones. Leveraging this rich sound library and insights from neuroscience, an AI was meticulously trained to compose an array of delightful tunes. Both digital and physical version of Coke SoundZ, have been designed for an optimised user experience from adjusting the volume by rotating the cap to generating new sounds with a simple press.

The physical manifestation of Coke SoundZ pays homage to the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle, seamlessly integrating tactile pads and buttons into its sleek design.


Marking a new milestone.

Coke SoundZ has been featured in collaborations with artists worldwide. The prototype bottle has been shared with influencers, music producers and DJs such as Marshmello so they can unleash their creativity and share their unique creations with the world.