Mask on for take off.



Oakley has always defended obsession in the name of, and for the love of, sport.

From vindicating our sacrifices in It’s OK, to the ode to sport that was One Love, the focus has always been to inspire without limitation.

With Kato eyewear, comes Oakley’s ultimate act of love. Engineered to push the boundaries of performance, the glasses represent the pinnacle of 45 years of relentless innovation. A frameless design contours the face for a wraparound, full-visor look – more similar to a superhero mask than a pair of sunglasses.


Unleash your inner superpower.

Using Kato’s radical aesthetic, Oakley began to imagine the eyewear as an extension of the body and a way to unlock our superpowers. The sunglasses attracted lots of attention in the lead up to the Olympics, where superheroes of the sporting world unveiled a limited edition 24K gold colourway of the shades.

Inspired, fans headed to Instagram for a virtual try-on, where they too were transformed into superhumans through various playful filters.



Eyewear that breaks the mould entirely.

While Kato sunglasses made it to Olympic podiums, the progressive and disruptive design was more widely reflected through a series of futuristic visuals and animations that invited people to unlock their superhero vision across outdoor advertising, social, in-store and online.