The Knocklace Collection

The perfect gift for parents who never knock.


It can be difficult to find privacy whilst living with parents, especially when they refuse to knock on the door.

It’s been challenging for many young adults to leave the nest due to economic reasons like saving money or establishing a stable job. Parents also now have more devices and technology to monitor their offspring closely.


Sprite developed a device to guarantee some privacy for Generation Z.

The Sprite Knocklace Collection is a breakthrough project launched with two humorous films highlighting the urgency of such a product.


It’s a jewel. It’s a locket. It has a secret.

The Knocklace is imbued with a Bluetooth device that pairs with the Knocklace App, allowing the necklace wearer’s proximity to be tracked. Every jewel is also a locket to hold a heartwarming photograph.


Promoting healthy conversations to cool Generation Z down.

Through an unexpected product, a provocative point of view, and a disruptive execution, Sprite has brought to attention an often ignored moment of struggle that many young adults have to deal with. Since the release, influencers, media outlets, young adults and parents have joined the conversation about the importance of privacy in a world where everything is often overshared and overexposed.