HERE Technologies

Simply, HERE.

Navigate the future of Spatial Intelligence.


Simplifying the complex.

HERE provides location data, apps and services across hundreds of industries to help the world move forward.

Searching through vast amounts of data can be challenging, especially when navigating the world’s most extensive location data platforms. The solution for HERE was a new global website, offering intuitive organisation of complex data, making HERE’s platform accessible to everyone, regardless of their business need, size or sector.


Lead the way.

By designing a simplified online experience, HERE’s vast product offering is articulated succinctly, transforming how customers access their products and services.

This was supported by a unified design system as well as a reimagined technical infrastructure. Multiple websites and business units within HERE are supported, helping businesses and developers achieve the most out of HERE’s industry-leading offering.

Designing for versatility.

The new design system is optimised for its customer-facing websites. With over fifty responsive web components and four available themes, HERE has everything it needs to deliver engaging experiences that answer its customers’ varying needs.


A mobile-first approach has been used, fuelled by research-driven audience insights, to deliver a more imaginative web and page infrastructure. Validated through rapid Figma prototyping and continuous testing, the website’s experience and performance is uplifted, generating new leads and business revenue.

Powerful technical foundations.

The platform that drives enables rapid deployments in just five minutes without downtime, supports the launch of additional web properties without DevOps involvement and is operated by multiple co-located global teams.

The new website was launched in record time. A complete structural and design transformation, new search capabilities and two blog migrations of over a thousand articles, all delivered in six months.


Mapping a bright future.

Since its launch, has surpassed the performance metrics of all previous website versions. is the company’s largest sales channel and the biggest driver of new customer acquisition, meaning that a better performing website ensures HERE can continue to grow and move the world forward with its innovative technology.

39% uplift in leads generated
39% uplift in SEO traffic
47% uplift in mobile lead generation
20% bounce rate reduction