The High Museum of Atlanta

Art for all

Connecting people, wherever they are, to the best in the visual arts.



Visitor needs evolve. But art is timeless.

The High Museum of Art required a digital experience that showcases the beauty of its vast collection and supports its mission of connecting diverse audiences with artists from around the world. As the pandemic had increased the number of online visitors, the High Museum sought to keep pace with–and surpass–other arts institutions that were reimagining their digital properties.


Browsing a museum’s site should be as inspiring as walking through its galleries.

To engage the next generation of museum patrons and provide inspiration for all, the High Museum deserved an experience that matched its award-winning architecture. AKQA ensured that the museum’s mission of connecting viewers to the best in the visual arts comes through on every page.

Framing the work

As the museum houses a broad range of both classical and modern works, its digital properties now capture this same mix of sophistication and exploration. With minimised brand elements and wayfinding, the art is always the focus. A specialised viewer lets art lovers anywhere appreciate the collection in high resolution, creating an immersive and rich experience.

A timeless exchange

A museum is less a tribute to the past than a living conversation between artists and audiences. The new design gives the High Museum the flexibility to continue connecting the public with art via new exhibits, collections and initiatives in the years to come.

Democratising the collection

The High Museum has made a conscious effort to increase diversity, not only of the art on its walls and of its employees, but of the people who visit it every day. It now averages 50% BIPOC audience participation, mirroring the demographics of the metro Atlanta area. The new site amplifies the diverse exhibits, community events, programming and partnerships that have made the museum a vital part of the community.


Providing a place for inspiration.

The High Museum will be able to adapt the site to visitors’ evolving needs thanks to a flexible structure, improved wayfinding and a reorganised architecture. All visitors – whether young students, art historians or anyone in between – can now browse its digital galleries and seek inspiration.