Are we there yet?

We are there. The future of EV charging.

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The future of EV charging is closer than we think.

The EV charging landscape has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Despite incremental changes, most people think we are not quite there yet. With different systems, disparate apps, and remote problem-solving challenges, there are many barriers. But solutions are closer than we think.

Monta presents are we there yet? a film that breaks through technical complexities with an insightful twist and turns the age-old question in family cars into a bold statement.

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Shaping the future of EV owners.

Set in an electric car, the film humorously showcases a father’s enthusiasm for the EV-olution. Each time his son asks, “are we there yet?” the father, in his unwitting responses, inadvertently unveils that the future of EV charging is not a distant dream, but a present reality.

This lighthearted yet insightful film highlights Monta’s pivotal role as the connecting force in the EV charging ecosystem. Tailored solutions are offered for private EV owners, businesses, operators, and installers. Monta isn’t just inquiring about the future; it is actively shaping it.


Leading the charge in the electric revolution.

Are we there yet? showed significant impact in the first month alone, achieving 600k unique reach and over one million impressions across Monta’s channels, increasing awareness for Monta and the product suite.

Are we there yet? is more than a film; it’s a testament to Monta’s forward-thinking technology. Yes, we are there with Monta.

The feedback from our team has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has evolved into a motto that encapsulates our internal culture and reflects Monta’s vision to our external audiences. This collaboration serves as a strong reminder that B2B marketing can transcend enterprise goals, highlighting the power of creative ingenuity in bringing a story to life.

Federico Boratto, Director of Brand and Creatives, Monta