A new EV experience.


Introducing an intelligent vehicle operating system.

Switching to electric can still seems like a compromise. Can EVs really compete with what we’ve grown accustomed to?

Enter NIO, a brand redefining the electric experience with premium high-tech models, all equipped with Banyan: NIO’s intelligent vehicle operating system allowing drivers to personalise their journey.

NIO sought to bring Banyan’s magical OS to life to reflect NIO’s unique progressive approach to EV.


Blending story and technology.

Rather than simply displaying product attributes, AKQA applied a storytelling approach rooted in education, reassurance, and reliability.

The narrative was captured using innovative film production, taking to the road, and showing how Banyan offers an enhanced experience for even the most everyday drives.

From cabin comfort and convenience modes to intuitive route planning and the onboard smart AI companion NOMI that interacts with drivers, we see Banyan present in every action.

In a virtual production studio, high-resolution LED screens and immersive virtual environments created in Unreal Engine allowed digital and physical realms to merge seamlessly within the film set. This enabled intricate narratives and creative experimentation with limited timeframes, while fostering authentic interactions and allowing consumers to see the smarter all-round experience Banyan delivers. It’s a NIO test drive without actually ever leaving the studio.


Driving desire.

The film creates a tangible digital experience by pairing key features and benefits of the self-developed intelligent system with visual artistry inspired by James Turrell, the same artist influencing the vehicle design.

Crafting a film in this way not only drives interest and desire in sceptical European customers, it reinforces NIO’s commitment to creating sophisticated, intelligent and personal driving experiences.