Inspired by those who live unlimited.


You are what you drive.

Hyundai is pushing the boundaries of progressive, globally-aware automobile manufacturing. With the launch of the next generation of KONA in three special variants across Electric, Hybrid and Performance, Hyundai is reinventing the future of urban mobility.

When personal ambitions need to balance with social consciousness, the Hyundai KONA’s spectrum of sustainable technology and suite of innovations ensure a driving experience that moulds to your world, no matter what you live for.


Whatever you live for, there’s a Hyundai KONA to match.

There are so many versions of us that seek to live unlimited. Whether you are a tech-savant, an eco-conscious commuter or simply a chaser of thrills – whatever you live for, there is a Hyundai KONA for you.

Together, Hyundai and AKQA crafted four films that speak to different notions of living unlimited, artfully framing a suite of innovative features and unique aesthetic details as sparks of inspiration. The films are set in a surreal metropolitan world, seemingly pulled from the dreams of the most imaginative urban explorer. The city’s lights transform into thoughtful murmurations that ripple, cascade and shimmer around the KONA, as if reacting to our protagonist’s demonstrations of new technology. The KONA keeps pace with the protagonist’s vision of city driving, and the city rises up to embrace it.

Alongside the human touch of artistic direction and a cinematic eye, the films’ production embraced the boundless possibilities of cutting-edge virtual production techniques. These techniques were deftly applied to realise the KONA’s message of living unlimited and the promise of personal driving freedom.

For those who live unlimited possibilities.

The Hyundai KONA’s Electric variant grants the protagonist with the compelling ability to bend the city to her beat, and the freedom to create a world of her own making.

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AKQA spark 40s Thumbnail

For those who live for unlimited thrill.

The protagonist is ready to drive into a world where life is the final lap. Speed through pre-race rituals while relishing the exclusive, heart-racing details of the KONA’s sport N Line variant.

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For those who live for unlimited good.

For most, the simplest step to conscious driving is the exchange of gasoline combustion for hybrid electric. Through the best-in-class features of KONA’s Hybrid variant, our protagonist can fully transport herself into a new state of empowerment.

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The results speak for themselves. The films celebrate the beauty of innovation in a clean, sleek and distinctive manner. They are proof that futuristic thinking should not stop with the product itself, but should encompass everything we do, product demonstrations included. We are very proud of the results.

Andrea Razeto, Head of Brand Strategy and Campaign, Hyundai Europe


A new era of conscious driving for everyone.

The films premiered on digital and social media platforms, with a series of interactive content that deep dive into each key technology and aesthetic detail.

The artful showcase is pivotal. Not just in increasing awareness of the all-new KONA generation as Hyundai’s flagship urban SUV, but in prompting a forward-thinking audience to join Hyundai as they turn personal missions of social responsibility and passion into a new future of vehicle design and infinite progress.