Nike 50th Anniversary

Honour the past, invent the future.

Nike 50th hero


For 50 years, Nike has invented and imagined, influenced and impacted, reaching beyond the world of sports.

Honouring that journey meant reflecting on the progress of the last half-century, making it relevant to today and projecting a vision for the future.


For every year of Nike’s life, every trial and failure, every breakthrough and success, Nike highlights a key moment that changed the world.

These 50 works of progress range from innovations, events, athletes and more, painting a picture of how far Nike has come but also informing the future and what’s next.

To bring these moments to life meant delving into Nike’s history. In order to fully explore and understand the past, Nike opened up its Department of Nike Archives (DNA), a living archive of every up and down from the past 50 years.