Georg Jensen

When She Moves, The World Moves

A tribute to women who make the world move.

Gj Key Visual


Jewellery can be worn to make any moment an occasion.

Moonlight Grapes is one of Georg Jensen’s most iconic and loved jewellery collections. When worn, the feelings evoked from the pieces are personal and unique to the wearer, elevating any moment, big or small.


A tribute to women who make the world move to their rhythm.

Georg Jensen has re-designed the Moonlight Grapes collection so that each piece moves with the wearer. Inspired by this, movement became the central theme of the campaign – When She Moves, The World Moves.

The visually fluid imagery invites us to explore and transform every hour of the day through the personal feeling of elevation that jewellery can provide, echoing and amplifying the wearer’s inner strength.

When she moves - video cover

It is that graceful movement and flow in each piece that we sought to capture through the imagery. How jewellery influences movement through emotions and occasions of the day became the foundation of the collection, and naturally for the campaign as well.

Nicolas Manville, Georg Jensen COO


A poetic tribute that celebrates how women can inspire and transform the world around them when they feel empowered.

Launching in partnership with ELLE, the film captures the jewellery language beyond sculpture and into something expressive through movement.