Brewing for a better world

175 years of pursuing better beer.


Almost 30% of Carlsberg’s dividends are given to initiatives for a better tomorrow.

Ever since its founding 175 years ago, Carlsberg has had a consistent history of cultural philanthropy and supporting scientific advances, including the invention of the pH scale and the purification of yeast, leading to the discovery of insulin.


Every can comes with a story told in immersive AR.

For the brewery’s 175th anniversary, every Carlsberg can becomes an invitation to explore the brewery’s actions to make our world and beer better. A QR code is your ticket to enter a universe where visitors can explore, navigate and learn about the initiatives.

Kickstarting the series is the story of how Carlsberg supports space exploration to find black holes and dark matter. The experience is narrated by a digital rendition of actor and icon Mads Mikkelsen and may be visited wherever you drink a can of ice-cold Carlsberg.


The more you know, the better it tastes.

The 175th anniversary AR episodes are vital in explaining how better tastes better. Space exploration is just the beginning, with more future adventures on the horizon.

Scan the code to travel to space.