Sonus faber

A symphony of innovation

Immerse into the dynamic depths of sound.


If reality has its augmented reality, what would be the equivalent for sound?

For over four decades, Sonus faber has epitomised Italian excellence in high-fidelity audio systems. With a legacy of sonic artistry and Italian craftsmanship, Sonus faber has created products that defy conventional audio reproduction. Offering a transcendental experience, making every note feel palpably authentic and natural, elevating sound into an undeniably visceral encounter with its ineffable beauty.


Transforming sound into something tangible to touch.

Through an artful mastery of design principles and a deep comprehension of Sonus faber’s ethos, AKQA has created an immersive journey wherein sound finds expression through the very essence of Sonus faber speakers. With materials such as rich wood, supple cork, delicate silk, and, above all, the imprint of human hands, each speaker emerges as a testament to artisanal craftsmanship.

This narrative unfolds as a symphony of elegance, inviting listeners to transcend into a realm where sound is imbued with a sense of natural authenticity. Here, amidst this sensorial tapestry, visitors can truly discern and savour the refined luxury that these speakers offer—uncompromising in their allegiance to nature’s dictates.


A timeless legacy through cutting-edge ingenuity.

The new Sonus faber website marks its entry into a new scene, where it’s impossible to separate the quality of products from the emotional value. Everyone finds a place within this experience, piquing their curiosity and converting it into a product demonstration in stores.

The team at AKQA understood the unique intricacies of our business and crafted elegant,
scalable solutions to complex challenges. They have the unique talent for generating big,
ambitious ideas coupled with superb operational efficiency and attention to detail.

Emma Dubuis, Global Director of Integrated Media and E-commerce, McIntosh Group