Talent, meet opportunity

Levelling the playing field through advanced technology.


Most of the world’s sporting talent is unseen and underdeveloped.

There are millions of young people around the world who never get a chance to achieve their sporting potential due to a sheer lack of opportunity. In a world striving for equal rights, this has to change.

As sport is evolving, players and clubs need more insight than ever. Across the globe, match data is the standard, but player performance data is underutilised, creating a talent pool that slips through the net. exists to ensure no aspiring athlete is left behind – turning dreams into a reality.


A world where human potential is infinite. equips the world with game-changing knowledge by unifying AI-driven analysis with data.

Through a collaborative partnership with, AKQA delivered the strategic and creative vision for a new ecosystem of brand and products, ensuring sport is democratised, once and for all.

More than AI.

An essential aspect of the logotype execution is being able to immediately see the ai, the dot, and the io, both as separate elements as well as a single word and URL. This allows a leverage of the fundamental role that artificial intelligence plays in’s products and services, as well as a unique name for a new brand.

The dot is representative of the focus on data, aligning with the belief that data-driven insights are critical to the sporting success of millions of athletes around the world.

A marque of progress.

The marque is a shorthand expression for’s suite of connected products. It is an evolution of the existing aiScout and aiLabs marques that already had significant brand awareness in the world of football. It allows to flow from products and services for distinct audiences to collaborative brand partnerships, physical spaces and brand experiences.

Movement comes to life.

The brand universe embraces a visual language of close crops, dark tones, and minimal environments that enables stories to be told about how data can amplify human movement to uncover sporting potential and, ultimately, unlock opportunities.

Reducing the amount of colour used in the visuals also enabled the parent brand to hold its own space. More emotive, leaning into the player’s story, talking to the vision that has for unlocking human potential on a global scale.

Built for change.

Enabling to share its proposition and offering with the world, AKQA designed and built a holistic company site. Showcasing everything from the app to elite performance lab, the fluid digital experience acts as the main narrator for’s story.

Launched with Webflow, the fully customisable design benefits from a slick edit-in-page experience, elevated security protection and the ease of no hosting, meaning no maintenance.

Finally we have a simple way to tell a complex story.

Richard Felton-Thomas, Director of Sports Science and Chief Operating Officer,


From a fledging start-up to a global maverick.

Today, provides the world’s first fully-automated ecosystem for discovering and developing talent. Equipped with a new strategy, visual language, and digital experience, a course has been set at speed for to revolutionise how talent is recruited and nurtured beyond the sporting landscape.

The potential is infinite.

You’ve transformed the brand into something I couldn't be prouder of.

Darren Pieres, CEO and Founder,