Science Gallery Melbourne


AI-facilitated group conversations around spaces, objects and ideas.


“All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone…” – Marcel Duchamp.

Science Gallery Melbourne caters to a curious-minded audience, a community that thrives on exploring the intersections of science and art. More than spectators, they value opportunities to be active participants in the creative experience, challenging norms and transforming each gallery visit into a collaborative journey of discovery and shared experience.


Leveraging Open AI’s GPT4, FIELDS transforms visitor responses to individual artworks into fresh questions and provocations for subsequent visitors to respond to.

This unique system encourages an ongoing, dynamic dialogue between the visitor, the art, artist, curator and audience. It augments the visitor experience by extending their engagement with exhibits beyond the gallery space and promoting interaction with a temporary exhibition community. Gradually, the conversation expands evolving along lines of enquiry to create rich layers of complexity and shared understanding.


Since its launch at the opening of Science Gallery Melbourne’s first permanent exhibition space, FIELDS has been a fundamental part of every exhibition.

By making the exhibit experience more interactive and collaborative, it has increased visitor satisfaction and potentially repeat visits. It demonstrates a unique use of AI technology designed to enhance rather than replace existing pillars of the gallery experience.

The value that FIELDS brings to the user experience is unlike anything across Melbourne’s cultural sector. People who create exhibitions are interested in what’s happening on the gallery floor, and this is that opportunity to track conversations that visitors are having, but also extend them and push that envelope and see what happens.

Susie Anderson, Digital Experience Manager, Science Gallery Melbourne