The mind, visualised through art and AI.


The emotional impact of brain disease is invisible.

Neurologists and psychiatrists spend their lives fighting brain disease, but many of them have never seen its emotional impact come to life visually. For those working with the mind, the dawn of artificial intelligence seems a turning point in human evolution.

What does it mean to feel, think and create? Where is the line between biology and technology? Can AI and art shed some light on what brain disease feels like?


A personalised artwork bringing to life the inner workings of the mind. Created by you.

For Lundbeck, the renowned pharmaceutical company working with neurological and psychological diseases, the challenge became how to give expert neurologists and psychiatrists a new perspective on brain disease with the help of AI and art.

Enter MindArt. An experience at pharmaceutical conferences all over the world, helping you to describe how you imagine brain health. From this input, a generative AI paints a unique artwork of your vision and presents it to you, giving healthcare professionals a new perspective on brain health.

It’s empathy, technology and art joining forces towards a common goal: a better understanding on the inner workings of the mind.


A new perspective on brain health.

Across the world, at conferences in Budapest, Barcelona, Paris and Seoul, the MindArt Experience has captivated visitors, resulting in thousands of pieces of unique artworks. The footfall conversion rate for the experience was high, proving that activating our minds and the creative application of art combines well.

The project has given healthcare professionals an entirely new perspective on the one subject matter they know most about. Lundbeck now has a scalable, modular and nimble set-up, ready to offer further insight on brain health into the future.