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Fulfilling the promise of precision health.

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From start-up to category leadership.

Verily is a medical tech company advancing precision health by closing the gap between research and care. By applying AI and data science to medical research, Verily is able to accelerate evidence generation and enable treatments based on patients’ individual circumstances, not general demographic.

Founded in 2015 by Google X’s Life Sciences group, Verily initially operated as an experimentation-centric startup, pursuing several small and ambitious projects. This approach saw great innovation but led to a fractured, amorphous story for patients and customers.


Unifying One Verily.

To solve that challenge, Verily instigated a new phase, One Verily, a centralised portfolio of connected solutions for greater meaningful impact. With that change, Verily partnered with AKQA to launch a refreshed design system and digital platform to showcase the new vision.

Based on deep research, an experiential vision for the site was formed. Navigation and wireframes were created around the need to tell the intricate One Verily story in a simple way. The site had to quickly explain the vision to audiences as diverse as patients, insurance operators, and medical professionals. Each audience gained insight in to how, quicker, cheaper, and more diverse research can aid medical care and how more personalised treatment can in turn provide rich data to inform better research.

The design layer rests on the the principle of balancing Verily’s medical expertise with its human impact and creating clear differentiation from legacy healthcare companies. Codifying the components and design system in a library allows for easy and consistent expansion as Verily continues to grow.

The strategic thinking, creative vision and commitment to the partnership AKQA brought to this project was incredible.

Ryan Miller, Head of Corporate Marketing


Differentiation now and in the future. brings Verily’s flagship solutions to the fore, providing a rich, editorial content hub fused with the diverse and expert perspectives, a go-to source for trusted solutions and insights that are shaping the health tech landscape.