Champs Sports

Secure The Bag

The shoe release that stood out from the competition.



There are hundreds of new shoe releases on social media a week.

Each one follows the same formula, making it easy to get lost in the feeds and timelines of the intended audience. For Champs Sports, standing out from the competition has become a game in itself.


The greatest shoe launch in history.

Secure the Bag: DJ Khaled and the Time-traveling Jet Ski is an addictive mobile web game using social celebrity and hip hop icon DJ Khaled to launch Timberland’s latest boot.

The game was launched leveraging DJ Khaled’s unprecedented social media presence, where he encouraged fans to play and share their scores.



Addictive, hilarious, and entertaining. By establishing a new platform for fans to engage with its latest shoe release, Champs Sports created a campaign that encouraged repeat interaction.

As fans played and shared their scores online, the game continued to bubble to the top of social pages across the country.