One City

Urban data hub.



More than 4.3 billion families live in cities and this number is projected to increase. So is the number of tourists, the number of vehicles that circulate and, consequently, the pollution impact on the entire ecosystem. As cities and their infrastructure become more intricate, public administrators face increasing challenges.

Through their daily efforts, they need to ensure the seamless functioning of a city, while providing a sense of security and calm to all citizens. Consequently, it is essential to introduce a transformative tool that equips public servants to unlock the full potential of the data that surround us, enabling them to monitor, predict, act, and report all together.

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Elevating the well-being of urban life, day by day.

A2A Life Company partnered with AKQA to design a system that supports public administrators towards a more conscious decision-making process.

One City is a monitoring and actionable tool that collects and translates complex data into easy-to-digest information. An urban data hub that helps build more sustainable cities and is responsive to the needs of citizens and tourists, improving their quality of life.

The interface was designed through a collaborative approach where public administrators actively participated in interviews and co-creation sessions.

The platform constantly adapts, providing timely snapshots of the quality of different aspects of a city. Air, tourism, mobility, and safety are the first building blocks of this ever-evolving platform that bridges with The City Dashboard.

From widgets that display how and why the air changes, to the intensity of events happening in the city and its tourism trends, from how accidents and circulation are managed, to risk zones and types of crimes identified per area, One City takes one step further. All in one place, it enriches the daily experience through valuable and actionable insights, notifications, reports and what if scenarios.

One City answers the needs of three profiles, operator, manager and leader, providing a comprehensive panorama of the city.


The new standard for connected territories.

One City has allowed public administrations to fully understand how far they can run a town in more efficient, smart and sustainable ways, setting a new standard for a systemic design that fosters territorial collaboration.

To simplify the complexities of our cities and personalise each stakeholder’s experience, One City optimises the use of available data from existing infrastructures and new sources, prioritising information with the timeliness needed and positively impacting our cities.