Only cars with a story

Turning pre-owned vehicles into cars with a narrative.

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The market needs a swerve.

The usual communication for pre-owned automobiles considers the car an inanimate object described through data and technical specs.

Tenutabene is an Italian marketplace dedicated to pre-owned car trading, owned by the Unipol Group. The platform rewards visitors’ honesty by giving more visibility to those who complete all classifications.

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A new player in the pre-owned car market.

The film tells the story of Marco, who is looking for a mini-SUV in the Tenutabene marketplace. For every classified selected, the protagonist will appear inside the car, discovering and becoming a part of the story of that vehicle.

From a family with a passion for wrestling to a band of metalheads, Marco will discover the adventures and roads travelled by each car.


Celebrating the story that every car has to tell.

The film aired on national television, key radio stations, digital and social media platforms. The extensive campaign is pivotal in increasing awareness of the innovative marketplace.

The attention is shifted from the old car’s data to the story that every vehicle has lived, making the conversation human and unprecedented.