Made to be less hated

Easing the pain of everyday printer struggles.

Madetobelesshated Hero


Failing printers bring out the worst in us.

There’s the set-up hassle. The untimely low ink. The countless cartridges. The WiFi that goes on and off – and on and off.

We’ve all been there. Everyone knows and can relate to the frustration.

HP Film Thumb


You won’t love them. But you won’t hate them.

Fail-proof installation with the HP Smart app, self-healing WiFi, Instant Ink delivery and low-cost highly durable refillable ink tanks. HP’s Print Solutions caters to the most common printer frustrations. You not only save time and money, but also your sanity.

Made to be less hated pictures people and their wildly different reactions, from anger, laughter, tears or apathy, when faced with failing printers.

Relatable yet dramatised situations make for insightful, impactful and witty films, posters, social media posts and web banners in a normally conformist industry.


A powerful new platform.

By turning the truth about the universally tense relationships between customers and their printers into a chance to highlight HP’s Print Solutions, Made to be less hated went from a one-off opportunity for the Nordic markets to a global platform across the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The campaign is showing outstanding results. It’s one of the greatest stories across all markets.

Lance Hill, Head of Marketing, Northwest Europe, HP