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Thrive and shine in a zombie apocalypse with Will Smith.

Undawn - Hero


Everybody needed a holiday, especially during the pandemic.

For over two years, the world lived through an unprecedented time of lockdowns, social distancing, isolation and travel restrictions.

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Welcome to the only holiday spot that’s never closed.

Instead of creating a typical high-action game-play trailer, Tencent Games and AKQA partnered to create a travel advertisement that invites you to paradise where Will Smith is your personal guide. He shows you a slice of what it’s like to live the dream. All-day barbecues, camping under the stars, catching your own food, driving hot cars and seizing every romantic moment with your loved ones, except there is a catch. There are some pests you have to deal with from time to time.

Working with Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, eight mini sets were built in a large sound stage for each key scene of the trailer. A storyline was created for the couple, first seen on the beach with Will, that any audience would envy, only to see them being eaten alive by the zombies at the end.

The VFX and the CGI sequences were crafted by Tencent Games’ in-house animation and CGI teams.


Will enters the gaming market with an epic bang.

Millions of Will Smith fans around the world were thrilled that this was his first-ever video game collaboration. Now they have a chance to play him, not just admire him on screen. From China to the U.S., the pre-order numbers are as high as the anticipation for the game.